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Malaysian supergene oil palm seedlings


A packs of 500 nuts of the Malaysian supergene oil palm seeds


A pack of 500 Tenera sprouted nuts


Tall Hybrid Coconut Seedlings


Malaysian dwarf coconut Seedlings


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General FAQs

Our cooperate office address is at 05 Stanly Kunu street, beside S&T barrack. Opposite Jonny guest house. off isihor. 5min drive from university of Benin main gate. Benin city.

Our oil palm nursery is located at plot 56 Evboneka community, near nifor along Benin akure road. Benin city.

Our coconut nursery is located at 07 winners street behind oluku market. Along Benin Lagos road. Oluku, Benin city.

Yes we do.
We offer Free guidance / consultation on how to take care of the purchased seeds or seedlings till they start producing.

The best times to plant is when the rain starts falling [April/May—September].

Answer: we deliver nationwide. After payment the Delivery takes a maximum of 2days.

We have two species of the oil palm seedlings. The “Hybrid Tenera specie” and the “Malaysian supergene specie”.

The Hybrid Tenera specie starts producing from 3yrs, it’s tall in nature with a production rate of 5-15bunches per stand.

The Malaysian supergene specie starts producing from 2yrs and 6months, it is dwarf in nature with a production rate of 12-45 bunches per stand.

For the sprouted nuts(seed), we will guide you on how to setup the nursery, plant the seed and take care of them till they are ready for direct transplant.
For the grownup seedlings, you will have pay for our team of experts to come and do the mapping, pegging and planting for you.

You can setup the nursery at anytime provided there’s a stable source of water to wet them.